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10 Ways to Get Your S*@# Together

Get your stuff together

I’m a stay-at-home Mom who has never had a routine. I had severe post-partum depression and sank so low I actually had trouble taking care of myself. All my effort went into taking care of my family. But, I talked to my doctor and got the correct medications & doses and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Now that the fog is lifting I can finally see the full extent of the damage. Its time to get my shit together. Like hard core.

Here is a list of 10 ways to get your s*@# together.

So whether you are coming out of your own funk, or looking to make your life better, or you just need a kick in the ass to live the best life you can. Here are the 10 ways to get your shit together. It’s a serious overhaul that requires dedication and commitment to following the plan. These 10 tips cover all aspects of your life to help keep you on track for a healthier more successful life.

1.)  Have a routine and plan your day – EVERYDAY

  • Make sure to leave time for exercise
  • Plan your meals to get optimal nutrition
  • Always schedule some time for yourself, even if it’s just to read for 30 minutes.

2.)  Get your butt up early everyday

  • Getting an early jumpstart to the day means you can get more done
  • Waking up early to make sure you have everything ready for the day means you won’t get flustered or forget something important that you need to bring or do that day
  • Getting your workout in right away in the morning means you won’t procrastinate it or dread it all day. Get it done and over with means you can spend your day doing things you like.

3.)  Meal plan. It saves you money and time. Stop eating shitty food.

  • Set aside an hour or two a week to plan your meals and snacks. Make a thorough grocery list and only buy what you need.
  • Avoid processed snacks and meals, pop, or any other crap you don’t need to fuel your body
  • If you prep everything right when you get home then everything is done for the week or next couple days however you planned it out.

4.)  Move your butt daily.

  • We all know this is important for our health so just get it done
  • Make it intentional activity and focus on the workout you’re doing make the most out of each workout. You only get the results you truly work for.
  • More effort = better results

5.)  Throw all your crap away (or donate)

  • Simplify your life. Get rid of anything you do not absolutely need, any garbage, or anything you haven’t used for a long period of time.
  • The less stuff you have the less time is needed to pick up and clean your home. It also saves money by not having to buy more stuff or replace stuff that gets broken.
  • Being able to donate will give you a great feeling of helping others. We don’t donate to Goodwill anymore we donate to a local thrift store that only sells donations and offer great prices, and help those who need it.

6.)  Set a budget.

  • Put your grown up underpants on and set a budget.
  • Know where all your money is going and save as much as you can out of every paycheck.
  • Cut costs to save money, learn to live more frugally, and stop being wasteful.

7.)  Open all your mail and pay your bills on time.

  • Yes being an adult does suck sometimes. But stop hiding and read your mail, pay your bills, and don’t ignore important notices.
  • Make sure to keep receipts, pay stubs, and other important documents filed.

8.)  Keep all your spaces clean and cleared of clutter.

  • Clean and cleared spaces allow for more productivity and creativity.
  • Cluttered spaces can cause anxiety or keep your mind focused on the stuff around you instead of what you’re trying to get done.
  • Keeping your space clean means you don’t waste as much time constantly cleaning. If it’s put away after you use it it doesn’t get broken (saving you money.)

9.)  Set goals, work hard, and accomplish them.

  • Read my post HERE and print off your workbook to get started on setting your goals
  • Realize that you can only make progress through hard work, embrace that hard work and steel yourself with the discipline it will take to accomplish those goals.
  • Don’t stop when  you’ve accomplished one set of goals. Keep making more and keep pushing yourself until you are living the life you’ve always wanted.

10.)  Take time to recharge yourself.

  • Schedule some time for yourself. Whether it’s a bubble bath, reading a book, or making sure leave some time for yoga every night. Whatever you need to do to keep your brain and self happy.
  • This should include taking the time to get your exercise in daily. Boost your endorphines and get those happy brain chemicals dancing. It will improve your mood.
  • If you have a spouse make sure you take a little time for them everyday too.

Its up to you and how drastically you want to change your life at once. I’m doing all 10 changes immediately. If you need to take each tip and work on it over a month and add the next tip and build up to a full lifestyle change go for it.

So quit wasting time. The important thing is to start living the life you want. It might suck at times. It’s going to be a huge adjustment. But pull your panties up and get to work.

Your life will never be handed to you. Your quality of life solely relies on your actions and choices. Stop blaming your circumstances or using excuses to validate why your life isn’t what you want it to be.

Stop complaining and start changing your life today! Get your s*@# together and start living the life you want!

Do you have any tips I may have missed, or you feel should be added?

Which tip is the most difficult for you?

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Your S*@# Together

  1. The throwing away or donating stuff has been a big challenge for me. I grew up with a family of borderline hoarders. Grandparents grew up in the Depression and my dad was WWII baby. So there were always glass pickle containers and bits and bobs. It wasn’t until I moved overseas that I realized I don’t need that much stuff. Then I moved back and all the stored boxes of stuff at my dad’s house came back. Yikes! Now add 2 kids who want to keep everything to that mix and it is chaos. Then because I am clearing out stuff, my family has started dropping stuff off at my house. They will show up with storage containers, knick-knacks, and anything they want to get rid of out of their house. I call myself the family goodwill center. They drop it off and then I have to get rid of it. I have tried to tell them I don’t need it but they will just show up and drop it off. So it is a neverending battle to keep junk out of my house.

    1. I totally get it! Especially when family drops things off randomly when you are trying to get rid of stuff you already own. Having kids definitely adds to the chaos of any space. I think reducing how much “stuff” they have is good for them though. Makes them use their imaginations and they appreciate it more when they do get new stuff. It really does feel like an un-winnable battle against the clutter most of the time.

      Thank you so much for reading!

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