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Before You Go… An Easy Way to Keep Your Home Tidy

Before You Go...

Everyone needs a reminder once in a while. If you’re a mother it means that you are basically a recording machine repeating the same reminders on a loop, all day long, every single day. No matter how nice I start out at the beginning of the day by the time dinner rolls around I am a woman suffering mommy rage. (Mommy rage is that shift from normal rational woman to stark raving lunatic that stomps around the house barking out commands until someone listens.)

Why there is no grey area between the two is beyond me. No one listens until mommy goes psycho, then they wonder why she’s yelling. I wonder if it’s always been this way?

I needed to find a way to give those constant reminders without having to repeat myself or yell until I am hoarse. These reminder cards are a great way to help keep your kids on track with basic tasks, remind the adults in the house to set a good example, and a great way to prevent mommy rage.

There’s no excuse why the lights get left on, or clothes stay on the floor, or why the dishes never make it to the sink. These little cards are a great way to make sure everyone is picking up after themselves. Kids and adults included (even mommy and daddy need a reminder sometimes.)

Creating good habits is as easy as printing off these cards and hanging them around the house. I like to laminate them and stick them by the door or light switch where people can see them as they’re exiting the room.

Plus it’s great if kids see their parents checking these tasks before they leave the room the kids can start to help. Getting these habits started when they’re young is an awesome way to make sure they stick with them (hopefully through the teenage years *fingers crossed.*)

Teaching the kids to keep tidy behind themselves creates less stress and decreases cleaning times. All of which  makes for a happier mommy.

These great little reminder cards are free and all yours!

Print them off here!

Reminder Cards – Simply on a Budget

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