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Which is Better Flex or Surge?

I have been a long time lover of wearable fitness. Getting that instant feedback allows me to set mini-goals throughout the day. It also allows me to compare and get competitive with myself. Fitbit is like a mini challenge every day.

Fitbit Flex vs. Surge for weight loss

I started with a $5.00 pedometer and a walking plan.  (A long time ago!) It was low key and it worked well for me, for a while.

As someone who has OCD tendencies I love being able to see the numbers and getting that instant feedback helped me push harder and see how high I could get those steps for the day.

When I was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder I wanted to be able to track my sleep. I also needed a more accurate view on how many calories I was burning and how active I was during the day. Having those numbers every day made it easier for me to determine how many calories I needed to eat and burn to lose weight.

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I found the Fitbit Flex  and fell in love with it! It was light and comfortable to wear and I could change the bands. It came with a great app. The Fitbit app has an adorable and easy to use interface. It helps you set goals and setting for your device and is easy to read the data gathered everyday.

The Flex will track your steps, calories burned, and activity level along with how long and well you sleep. It even comes with a silent (the band vibrates) alarm for a quiet calmer way to wake up every morning.

This little device runs between $85 and $100 and totally worth the price for a daily wearable fitness device.

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After a long time wearing the Flex I needed to get really serious about losing weight. After both of my pregnancies and staying home with the kids my weight got out of control. I sat down and wrote out my goals (check out my setting goals post here and get your free workbook.) I had over 100 pounds to lose and my 30th birthday was fast approaching.

I realized I love the fitness aspect to losing weight (I struggle with the eating part) and wanted to find a Fitbit that was more accurate and tracked more details. I wanted to watch my heart rate during workouts and be able to choose what kind of activity I was doing so my readings were more accurate.

I saved up some money after doing my research and bought a Fitbit Surge. Best purchase ever! I can set up to 7 different workouts through the app and swipe through them on my band and it’ll track my heart rate and calories burned based on that workout. I feel like the step count and calories burned throughout the day are a little bit more accurate than the Flex was. I love being able to set goals for sleeping, steps walked, and water intake. Or setting an alarm for when I should be getting ready for bed to reach my sleep needs.

The only thing that bugs me a little is how big it feels on your wrist. It’s not as sleek as the Fitbit Flex. It gets stuck on clothing, desks, and sometimes my daughter’s hair. But I did eventually get used to it and it happens far less frequently now.

The Fitbit Surge is everything I wanted to help keep my on track with my weight loss. The app also allows you to enter your food everyday. I easily got rid of 3 separate apps and I’ve only kept this one. Everything you need is in the app and on the Surge.

The Surge is pricey between $225 and $250. It was a present I bought myself with some of our tax refund this year. The price is 100% worth it when you see just how much detailed information you get every day. Since I am trying to increase and improve my fitness along with losing weight the Surge has been immensely helpful.

If you don’t feel you need all the details or the heart rate monitor the Surge gives you then the Flex is definitely the way to go. If you are more of an athlete or have serious pounds to lose I absolutely recommend the Surge.

Both options are great and I bet you’ll be happy with either one of them.


Do you wear a fitness tracking device?

Have you considered purchasing one?

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