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How to Capture Your Big Picture

We all dream about living our most ideal life. The life that always seems out of reach. What if it wasn’t impossible to achieve the life you’ve always wanted? With big picture goal setting anything is possible!

With the right tools you can start building that dream life.

Grab a pen and this free workbook let’s get started!

How to set goals to reach your life's big picture! With free workbook!

For the longest time I suffered from severe depression. I would always imagine this life I wanted to lead when I would finally be free of depression. Years I spent sitting with this dream while succumbing to the waves of depression.

Finally, I realized that in order to really live that life I wanted I had to find a way to start immediately. I was bone tired all the time, my body ached, and all I wanted was to sleep. None of those behaviors would lead to that dream. I had to come up with a plan

The first thing I did was sit in a quiet room with a pen and some paper. I sat with my eyes closed and just imagined what specifically I loved about that life.

I was healthy, had a successful blog/business, and we were living in our first house. I wrote down as many details as I could think of.

That’s my big picture.

Instead of dwelling on what I didn’t have right now I wrote down that dream and broke it up. Those stepping stones were the goals I needed to accomplish that would eventually add up to huge lifestyle changes. Getting me closer to my dream life.


Be sure to include more than one aspect of your life. You want to live a well-rounded and full life. (Or maybe you don’t, your call.) For my overall categories I have my health goal, professional goal, and a financial goal.

Okay, do you have your big picture?

Got your categories?

Let’s break it down.

With your big picture categories split that big goal into 3 smaller goals.

For my health goal I need to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stay Active

For my professional goal I need to:

  • Stay consistent
  • Great content
  • Monetize

For my financial goal I need to:

  • Save money
  • Live frugally
  • Pay off all debts

Now, In each of those smaller goals I need to make a plan. How do I eat healthy and stay active? How do I monetize and stay consistent with my blog? Save money and live frugally enough to purchase our first home?

I came up with specific goals that would help me little by little to lead the life I wanted. Those bite-sized pieces were the key. These goals, while specific, should leave room for multiple facets and include the ability to change as you go.

Example: One of my general goals is to Eat Healthy. Breaking that down can include watching portions (hello containers,) increasing my daily water intake, and eating more vegetables. But those small goals can change when I need them to. When I get into the habit of getting my water intake every day I can change that out to something else, like cutting out sugar. Small manageable steps that will eventually lead to living your best life ever.

Breaking these generalized goals into specific achievable steps is the difference between success and failure.

Defining what your steps are and how to implement them into your life are key. Being able to determine how to change your day-to-day behaviors until your habits are helping your big picture goals is absolutely the best way to make your dreams into reality.

Do your research. Don’t forget to add the time it takes everyday for you to accomplish your goals. I know that at least once a week I need to take an hour or two to prep for the next week. Meal planning, prepping veggies, and putting together freezer meals takes time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with hours and hours everyday. Maybe just take 15 minutes in the morning and write down what the meals and snacks are for the day.

Just make some effort everyday.

The progress will be there as long as you put the work in. Make sure that you are tracking your goals. Use whatever works best for you. Journal, Google Calendar app, reminder alarms you set on your phone. With technology the options are endless. Sometimes I think that going old school with pen and paper is always more therapeutic.

Alright, enough with the chit chat.

Print off this free workbook and get started!

Simply on a Budget Big Picture Workbook

The workbook will help you write out your big picture, break it down into small generalized goals, and even further by making a plan to implement into your everyday life.

All of your decisions from now on should be steps forward to your dream life. Even if it’s tiny baby steps, always be working for progress.

Your life won’t change if you don’t make the effort to change it for yourself.



Leave me a comment and let me know how you like the workbook!

How do you implement your big goals into your everyday life?


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