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Starting to Get Active on a Budget

If you’re just beginning your weight loss journey start with some low cost options to begin adding exercise to your daily routine.  Starting to get active shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can start exercising on a tight budget and find something you truly enjoy! You don’t need an expensive gym membership… Continue reading Starting to Get Active on a Budget

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Netflix Binge Workout

I <3 a great Netflix binge. My bum does not. Instead of just sitting and vegging out on the couch during a Netflix marathon get up and do a workout. My definition of a binge is 2 or more episodes in a row. Usually the same show but your call. I love when new seasons… Continue reading Netflix Binge Workout

Fit Lifestyle Reviews · Staying Active

Which is Better Flex or Surge?

I have been a long time lover of wearable fitness. Getting that instant feedback allows me to set mini-goals throughout the day. It also allows me to compare and get competitive with myself. Fitbit is like a mini challenge every day. I started with a $5.00 pedometer and a walking plan.  (A long time ago!)… Continue reading Which is Better Flex or Surge?