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Getting Your Family on Board

Getting stubborn husbands and picky kids on board for eating healthy can be a huge challenge. Being a parent means it is my job to serve healthy and nourishing foods to my family.

family on board

That doesn’t mean that those healthy meals and snacks will be welcomed with open mouths and big smiles. More often its sassy attitudes and refusal to eat.

It’s the same with trying to get your kids to be active and healthy. It’s my job as a parent to make sure my kids aren’t sitting around all day with their faces glued to screens.

So, how to get your family on board with a healthier lifestyle?

Small steps first. Maybe start with changing one meal first.

I am making these changes with my family. I’m started with changing breakfast options. No more sugary cereal. They now get a choice between oatmeal with fruit or eggs with toast and fruit. I’ve noticed the kids have had no resistance to this change. They eat really well in the morning and take their gummy vitamin everyday. They get a great start to the day and don’t seem to constantly be snacking between breakfast and lunch.

Lunches have been a little trickier. Their go to meals are turkey hot dogs with chips and carrots or a grilled cheese with chips and carrots. I would love to round out these lunches with a healthier main course and add a fruit and a wider variety of veggies and less reliance on the chips.

I will take the baby steps while I can get them. The harder I seem to push new choices the more they seem to resist. We do attempt the 1 bite rule but it’s not always successful. Especially with the food.

We live in Minnesota and it is much harder getting the kids out and playing in the winter. So I am taking full advantage of summer and trying to get my kids outside at least a couple of hours a day. I limit the screen time when we are in the house. The kids also think its a lot of fun to do workouts with me. They’re my little motivators and like to squat and do push-ups with me. It’s great seeing them doing yoga with me. They ask questions, copy the poses, and say “look Mom” the whole time. They have a ball!

My son even reminds me now to workout every morning. “Mommy workout today?”

I truly believe that when kids witness their parents making healthy choices that they mimic it so well it becomes fun for them to copy mommy and daddy. It sends such a great message to your family to take care of their health.

Keep your kids involved too. I have my oldest help me in the kitchen. He washes fruits and veggies, helps pour the spices or dry ingredients in, and loves being able to choose what veggie or fruit we are having. My youngest loves helping me stir and set the table.

Let them choose the activity too. Ask them if they want to go for a walk, or have a dance party, or do some yoga. Getting the kids involved has been the biggest influence on changing their mindset towards food and making better choices. Letting them choose and giving them that power makes it seem like a reward instead of a scary change.

All those little things are so important to teaching great healthy habits.

So start small and keep your kids involved are my words of advice. It’s working for us so far.
How do you keep your kids active?

Do you let your little ones help in the kitchen and with meals and snacks.

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