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Netflix Binge Workout

I <3 a great Netflix binge. My bum does not. Instead of just sitting and vegging out on the couch during a Netflix marathon get up and do a workout.

Netflix Binge Workout

My definition of a binge is 2 or more episodes in a row. Usually the same show but your call. I love when new seasons of my favorite shows come out. That’s when I break out this workout. I can catch up on the latest season and get my 60 minutes of recommended daily activity. 2 birds 1 stone.

The first step is to choose your show. If you are a beginner then maybe start with a 25-30 minute show (or cut a long one in half.) If you are looking for a longer workout then go for the longer 45-60 minute show.

The whole first episode just walk in place. Make sure to warm up slowly and add some nice moving stretches. Then keep walking and increase your intensity. If this is to easy then add some jogging in place, start with intervals of walking and jogging. Make sure keep your heart rate up and in the zone. (If you  need help tracking your workout time, heart rate, or steps check out my post on wearable fitness devices here.)

If this is your very first time make sure you are keeping an easy pace and slowly increase the intensity. Do not push yourself to hard or you may not want to keep doing it.

When you do start to add intensity make sure to keep it fun. Start with the jogging intervals above but after a while add in some high knees, jumping jacks, and burpees.

Once you’ve gotten your heart rate up during the first episode it’s time to work on strength training. Keep the moves basic but use the body. The more muscles you work the better the results.

Start with these 3 exercises.

  • Squats – 10 reps
  • Push-ups – 10 reps
  • Sit-ups – 10 reps

These exercises are great to get your body working and making a conscious decision to move your body everyday.

Over time you can challenge yourself and try to complete as many rounds as possible in the episode time. Or you can add more reps or change the type of exercise but the same body areas. Example instead of doing plain squats every time add in some sumo squats or jump squats. Instead of regular push-ups change-up your hand placement. Sit-ups can be on the sides, or crunches, or even roll ups.

There is no limits and endless possibilities to keep this workout fresh to prevent boredom.

If you still have some energy in you or want to increase the length of the workout you can watch another workout just switch between the cardio and the strength.

Just keep things simple and over time you will see results.

I don’t want to hear excuses about time either. If you have time to watch Netflix (or TV) then you have time to add some movement to it. Your health should be just as important as getting through your “List” on Netflix.

Do you workout while you watch your favorite shows?


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