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Starting to Get Active on a Budget

starting to get active

If you’re just beginning your weight loss journey start with some low cost options to begin adding exercise to your daily routine.  Starting to get active shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can start exercising on a tight budget and find something you truly enjoy!

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or spend tons of money on at home gizmos or equipment. Lets face it, how many of us have bought those cheesy at home workout devices that sit in a closet collecting dust. Whether it’s because we didn’t like the workout once we brought it home or it was good intentions with lack of desire to do the exercise. They almost never get used.

So if you’re just getting used to moving your body with daily activity (first of all Yay!!!) I recommend you start small and cheap until you know what you like.

I started with walking. I got a $15 pair of sneakers from Target and just started walking around the neighborhood. We live next to a small lake and I would just walk around the lake. I started with 1 lap and worked my way up. Nothing fancy nothing expensive just me and the walking path. I tried running but with all the extra weight it really did a number on my joints. I would love to eventually start running though!

Then I added in some basic strength moves like squats, lunges, push ups, and crunches. Things I could do in my living room while watching TV. I still like to throw in a Netflix Binge Workout when I’m not feeling like a full workout but I still have to move my butt that day.

My next phase was to hit up YouTube. There is a plethora of free workouts if you have the time to search for them. I love the Blogilates workouts with Cassey Ho, she has a blog and a YouTube channel. Any type of workout, any style, any fitness level has some free workouts on YouTube. I like to use this method to find something I maybe wouldn’t have considered normally. Try yoga and pilates, maybe try a crossfit workout, or a go for a barre or Zumba class you can do at home. Just keep testing the waters until you find a couple of styles you really enjoy.

Having more than one type of workout you love doing in your arsenal allows for variety and is an awesome way to prevent boredom. If you are going to be working out everyday the last thing you want to do is get bored and burnout after a couple days or weeks.

I used to get sucked into buying workout DVD’s from Target or Walmart do them once or twice and lose interest in them. Spending $10-15 on DVD workouts just to get bored with them really starts to add up after awhile. They just sat on our movie case and collected dust.

Then we discovered Beachbody workouts. My hubby and I ordered P90x about 4 years ago and we absolutely fell in love with it. Working out together was fun and motivational. I was hooked. I wanted something a little more low-key but still intense that I could do alone. I bought PiYo a couple years after that and really liked that program as well. Thank god Beachbody came out with a streaming service otherwise they would have all my money. I love all the trainers and love that I can test some of the newer workouts without having to purchase them right away. They do a different workout everyday for a “Challenge Du Jour” and it’s an awesome way to see if you’ll like a program or not.

I love having access to a huge library of recognizable programs that I can play anytime anywhere. Not to mention I can get great deals on newer workouts ( I got 21 Day Fix for over half off!) All of the streaming programs come with the meal plans, workout calendars, and workouts included in the original packages and you can easily print off the guidelines and calendars.

Read my review of Beachbody on Demand streaming and decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

So now that I have all these options I can try out everything without spending tons of money unnecessarily. Not to mention I don’t have a bunch of workout crap I don’t use spread out all over the house which definitely helps keep me on track for leading a minimalist lifestyle. I can take my time and find workouts that are fun and exciting and decide which ones are right for me and my fitness level.

Just start working out by going for walks, or the Netflix Binge Workout, or something off of YouTube. Try the free stuff until you find the ones you like. Then buy or subscribe to the programs you really love. The more you love your exercise routines the more likely you are to keep at it and be consistent. That’s when you’ll start seeing the benefits.


Starting to exercise is the best decision you can make with eating healthy real foods.

There’s nothing better than keeping it simple with walking and a little yoga and those are free!



How did you start adding daily exercise?

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  1. How\’s it going Ashley,

    You point out a really important point here when budgeting: you don\’t have to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle. I know gym memberships are a popular thing to cut in the budget. That doesn\’t mean you can\’t exercise though. Great job pointing this out.

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